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How it started...

Sherronda Daye is the creative mind behind the Defense Tea product line. While being gifted with immense creativity, the transparent truth about the inception of this endeavor was that it did not happen by chance. In fact, it happened on her couch staring out the window during the “world shutdown” because of COVID19. On the couch is  where she  got the recipe for our signature tea, THE DEFENDER.  Being a Chef for over 12 years and having degrees in Chemistry and Health Service, Sherronda knew, at the onset of this worldwide pandemic, one thing was certain… Lives were at risk. She understood that we were in for the fight of our lives and a strong immune system would be our strongest mechanism of defense in this fight. She understood the importance of a robust immune system pre-COVID but felt that this pandemic would demand more and would seriously jeopardize overall health. So, she prayed and relied heavily on her faith to help her formulate an effective solution. 

In her journey, she sought  to seek answers, about the pandemic, its impact on families, businesses but most importantly, human lives. The question she asked herself was a simple one – what can I do, what can WE do? The answer – prepare a strong DEFENSE!

“Defense involves three things: Courage, energy, intelligence.

-Don Meyer

Courage is the motivation that led Sherronda to develop products that would provide peace of mind for many during such challenging times. The task was not one for the faint of heart, but she possessed endless determination to provide a solution that would not only taste good to people, but be good for them. A locally owned and grown business that everyone could feel good about.

Her journey is spiraled by Intelligence, Faith and endurance.

Sherronda has an educated and passionate understanding about the impact of quality and essential products. She sought only the best produce and ingredients from local suppliers and farmers who were experiencing blunt force trauma in their industry due to the shutdown, to create a product line that is beneficial to your health and effective in strengthening the immune systems

Sherronda developed a solution based on need, nutrition, and simplicity. With so much complication in the world today, Defense Tea simplifies the approach and responds to this dire need with nutritious products that strengthen the immune system.

We encourage you to always implement safe practices in life, but especially now and Defense Tea can be an essential element of a strong immune system

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We encourage you to always implement safe practices in life, but especially now. Defense Tea can be an essential element of a strong immune system.

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